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BNG maintains its stable course despite the continuing turmoil in the international capital markets. In 2011 the bank achieved almost all of its objectives. In addition to maintaining very high market shares in its most important client segments, the bank made a net profit of EUR 256 million in 2011, down EUR 1 million compared to 2010. The proposed dividend pay-out to shareholders is EUR 64 million (EUR 1.15 per share).

The 2012 interest result is expected to increase slightly compared to that of the year under review. The development of the 2012 net result may deviate from the relatively favorable development of the interest result. Pressure on the result financial transactions may continue to grow depending on how the European debt crisis will be solved. In addition, BNG has to take into account new regulation which may affect the bank’s profitability. For instance, the government intends to introduce the bank levy mid-year 2012, and additional financial burden for banks are currently being discussed. Given the numerous uncertainties, the bank does not consider it wise to make a statement regarding the 2012 net profit.

Publication Annual Report 2011

On 25th April 2012 BNG will publish its Annual Report 2011 on this site.
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