Montaigne Lyceum in The Hague built by public-private partnership

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Montaigne Lyceum in The Hague is the first school in the Netherlands built by a public-private partnership (PPP), which has resulted in added value compared with a traditional tendering process.




Montaigne Lyceum is situated in Ypenburg, a new residential area close to The Hague. The school has a capacity of 1200 students. It was opened in 2006 under a 30-year DBFMO contract (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain & Operate). This means that for 30 years, the construction consortium will be responsible for designing, building, financing, maintaining and operating the building, including providing services such as cleaning.

The advantages of such an agreement can be illustrated using a practical example: During preparation for the project, the contractor offered one party brand-new standard toilets free of charge. However, the participating cleaning company, ISS, pointed out to the other consortium partners the consequences of accepting this offer. Purchasing wall-hung toilets, which are much more efficient to clean, would work out cheaper than accepting the free, standard toilets.

The motives for choosing a PPP were:Montaigne Lyceum

  • More time for teaching
  • Higher quality for the same amount
  • The ability to take advantage of creative ideas on the market
  • Greater certainty around long-term expenses

An EY investigation showed that this PPP project delivered a financial added value of 16% compared with a traditional tendering process. Montaigne Lyceum's new building won the PPF Award 2006 in the 'Best European Project to Reach Financial Close' category.

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