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OneSolar installs and operates solar energy systems on the roofs of businesses and institutions such as SMEs, schools and a university.




Following up on OneSolar I, which was funded in June 2017, financing agreements were signed for the OneSolar II project in February 2018. OneSolar II will involve the installation of solar energy systems with a total capacity of 60 MWp. The total installed capacity of OneSolar I and II will amount to over 70 MWp. This figure is equal to the amount needed for powering 21,000 households.

Solar panels of the roof of the University of Groningen © Photo: Jeroen de Lezenne Coulander

Energy Academy

The Energy Academy, the University of Groningen's new building, is the most sustainable educational facility in the Netherlands. This institute marks a collaboration between the business community, education and science on research and innovation with regard to energy. OneSolar has installed solar panels on the pitched roof in such a way that they achieve optimum efficacy in absorbing solar energy. Not only do these panels supply a great deal of energy, but they also allow plenty of space for a maximum of natural light to enter the building.

The Energy Acadamy © RU, photo: Marcel Spanjer


OneSolar operates under the aegis of Agreco Beheer B.V., which is well known in the Netherlands thanks to the 'Boer Kiest Zon' projects. It offers sustainable solutions in the area of solar panels and energy savings. BNG Bank has provided funding for OneSolar I and II totalling EUR 59 million.

For a sustainable world

BNG Bank is a committed partner for a more sustainable society. We enable the Dutch public sector to achieve socially relevant objectives. Our clients are (local) authorities and institutions for housing, healthcare, education, energy and infrastructure in the Netherlands.

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