Solar panels on 15,000 Frisian homes

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WoonFriesland is aiming to install solar panels on 15,000 homes. To this end, it has entered into a partnership with Wocozon (a national non-profit foundation). The solar panels could result in savings of 100 euros per year for an average family in a rented house, without them needing to invest any money themselves. BNG Bank is helping out with financing for the project.




Attractive for tenants

The proposal is financially attractive for tenants. Tenants in homes that get solar panels will not have to pay for the panels; instead, they will pay for the power generated on their own roof at a lower rate. This will result in a financial benefit of around 100 euros per year. From this autumn, WoonFriesland tenants will be contacted in phases and invited to participate on a voluntary basis and profit from cheap solar power.

Starting in Leeuwarden

The installation of solar panels suits WoonFriesland's drive to improve the quality, comfort and sustainability of homes while keeping rents affordable.

The goal of installing solar panels on 15,000 homes fits in well with the performance agreement already made between WoonFriesland and the municipality of Leeuwarden to equip 1,000 homes with solar panels. That is why the project will be launched in Leeuwarden this autumn.

For a sustainable world

BNG Bank is a committed partner for a more sustainable society. We enable the Dutch public sector to achieve socially relevant objectives. Our clients are (local) authorities and institutions for housing, healthcare, education, energy and infrastructure in the Netherlands.

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