Combined heat and power plant in Duiven

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Sparkling Biomass will start the construction of a combined heat and power plant in Duiven. This plant will cogenerate electricity and heat using wood residues from the municipality of Duiven and the surrounding area. The plant will be funded jointly by BNG Bank, Oost NL, the Dutch National Fund for Green Investments and plant manufacturer HoSt.




The InnoFase Synergy Park in Duiven brings together companies that operate in the field of energy and environmental technology. Here, Sparkling Biomass will soon begin the construction of a 15-MWh biomass-fired cogeneration plant, which will be able to produce 12,500 MWh of electricity and 87,600 MWh of heat per year. 

These figures correspond to the electricity and natural gas consumption of nearly 4,000 and 7,000 homes, respectively. The connections for the eventual link to the district heating grid of Arnhem, Duiven and Westervoort have already been put in place. It is expected that the cogeneration plant will be supplying heat and electricity to households for the first time in early 2020.


Sparkling Biomass approached parties that were highly committed to funding projects in the field of sustainability, which it found in the form of a cooperation between a number of parties: BNG Bank, the Gelderland Innovation and Energy Fund (managed by Oost NL), the Dutch National Fund for Green Investments and HoSt. It was in part due to funding from the former owner of the site, Gebr. Hermsen B.V., that the project was able to materialise.

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