Upgrade to Twence biomass power plant

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Twence has converted its biomass power plant to not only supply energy, but also steam and heat. This way, the same amount of biomass can be used to produce up to three times the amount of sustainable energy.




This is equivalent to the electricity consumption of around 33,000 households and the gas consumption of 24,000 households. The conversion of the new biomass power plant was funded by BNG Bank and ING Bank.

Twence's new biomass power plant generates 450 GWh of sustainable heat and green electricity by burning waste wood, wood debris and coarse compost particles.

Twence's biomass power plant

For a sustainable world

Sustainability that benefits people, the market and the environment is an important element of BNG Bank's mission and is given shape and substance on both sides of the balance sheet. Our sustainable initiatives arise from our ongoing efforts to strike a sustainable balance between the interests of clients, shareholders and employees.

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