Windkracht 6 wind farm in Zeeland

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BNG Bank and the Dutch National Fund for Rural Areas are funding the Windkracht 6 wind farm in Nieuw- en Sint Joosland (municipality of Middelburg). Windkracht 6 is an initiative of two local entrepreneurs, Adri Roelse and Jan Crucq, who have replaced their three existing wind turbines.




Wind farm Windkracht 6The three new turbines have a combined power output of 11 million kWh, enough to provide sustainable energy to more than 4,000 households or 200 shops and 100 hospitality businesses. In addition, Windkracht 6 provides a solid financial basis for Jan Crucq's agricultural business.

Total investments in the wind farm amount to almost EUR 7 million. The project has been funded with around EUR 6.2 million in loan capital issued by BNG Bank and around € 690,000 in subordinated loan capital from the Dutch National Fund for Rural Areas.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( has granted the wind farm an SDE+ subsidy for a term of 15 years.

Windkracht 6 was fully funded in August 2017 and has been operational as per July 2018.

For a sustainable world

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