Westland, Delft and Utrecht the most sustainable 100,000+ municipalities

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Westland, Delft and Utrecht are the most sustainable Dutch municipalities in the category with more than 100,000 residents, according to the 2015 Sustainability Framework devised by Telos, the centre for sustainable development at Tilburg University. The study was carried out on behalf of BNG Bank.




Pauline Bieringa, Managing Director for Public Finance at BNG Bank, presented the relevant awards to the Aldermen of the three municipalities at the Finance Congress for large cities in Utrecht organised by BNG Bank and EY on 2 October 2015.

Based on the National Sustainable Municipalities Monitor, as created by Telos, the 2015 Sustainability Framework analyses the ecological, economic and sociocultural capital of individual municipalities. The study serves as the basis for the issue of sustainable bonds by BNG Bank and may be used by municipalities to support their sustainability policy.

By the end of 2014, BNG Bank was able to raise EUR 500 million through the issue of its first sustainability bond. In 2014, 96 municipalities were eligible for a loan from this fund of half a billion euros. The loans are granted to the municipalities that are 'best in class' with regards to sustainability in their respective category. There were eight categories in total, including '100,000+', 'shrinking municipalities', 'green municipalities' and 'former industrial municipalities'.

In 2014, Westland and Delft were already the most sustainable municipalities in the '100,000+' category. The 'Performance Report 2014 – 2015' drawn up by Telos describes how the sustainability scores of these 96 municipalities have developed over the past year.

In 2014, Utrecht did not belong to the most sustainable municipalities in the 100,000+ category. However, in 2015 it made a great leap forward into the top three, as demonstrated in Telos' 2015 Sustainability Framework. 

Peter Ouwendijk, Alderman of Westland, MRS Aletta  Hekker, Aldermand of Delft and Jeroen Kreijkamp, alderman of Utrecht  receive the awards.
Photo: CC BY-SA Sebastiaan ter Burg
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