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Our story

BNG Bank is of and for the Dutch public sector. Instead of maximising profits, our priority is to maximise the social impact of our activities.


BNG Bank was founded in a period of high poverty, in which social issues dominated the public debate. In the early 20th century, the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) was set up, which in turn led to the establishment of the Gemeentelijke Credietbank (municipal bank) in 1914. This bank provided financial support to municipalities in order to help address social challenges. Today, the Gemeentelijke Credietbank is called BNG Bank, but the purpose remains the same: driving social impact.

Driven by social impact

BNG Bank’s contribution to the public sector is unique and strategic, with a long-term focus. As a result, the Dutch Central Bank has designated BNG Bank as a bank of national systemic importance, further reinforcing our position as a trusted partner of the Dutch public domain. 
To strengthen this position and continue to make a positive impact, BNG Bank has defined the ‘Our Road to Impact’ strategy. This strategy focuses on engaging with clients and becoming their go-to partner for achieving social goals. We intend to be successful at delivering and demonstrating our social impact. To achieve this ambition, we focus on the Dutch public sector and on building strong customer partnerships. 

Financial ratings: Aaa / AAA / AAA

The long-term notes issued under BNG Bank are rated Aaa by Moody’s, AAA by Standard & Poor’s and AAA by Fitch. All three long-term credit ratings have a stable outlook.

Core values

We do this based on our own identity, which is manifested in our three core values.

Sustainability indicates that our actions are focused on making an impact, both now and in the long term. We know what is happening in society, and we are focused on solutions and on the relationship with our clients.

Reliability is manifested in transparency in our actions and in our communications. We are clear and honest about what we can do and we deliver our commitments.

Professionalism defines how we work, how we develop and how we engage in a professional context: we work effectively and improve on an ongoing basis. We show respect for others, listen carefully and address issues using our experience. 

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