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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

BNG Bank conducts its activities with respect for the environment and for society at large, and in a fair and transparent way. We do this by linking the three dimensions of the ESG model (Environment, Social, Governance) to our main activities: lending, funding, internal operations and HR policy.

Sustainability has a central place in our strategy. With our financing, we want to make the Netherlands more social and sustainable. The aim is to improve the sustainability performance of ourselves and our clients.We aim to reduce our carbon emissions in line with the targets set in the Paris Climate Agreement. As a bank, we focus on being resilient and prepared for ESG opportunities and threats for our clients and ourselves.

The bank has published in its Sustainability Policy the sustainability criteria under which it implements the strategy and business activities. The same document also stipulates the exclusion criteria that BNG Bank applies to its lending. The way in which BNG Bank respects human rights in the chain is set out in the Human Rights Policy.

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