solar energy and people

Reports & Key figures

Financial reports

Read our latest annual and interim reports.

Rating reports

External rating reports by Moody’s, Fitch Rating and Standard & Poor’s are available for download. 

Our Road to Impact report (incl. PCAF)

In 2020, we set an ambition to increase our social impact on these five SDGs by 10% from 2021 to 2023. To measure our impact, we have translated the specific goals underlying five SDGs into quantifiable standards and indicators, on which we report annually.

ESG bonds impact reports

As Part of our ESG bond issuance under our Sustainable Finance Framework (ESG Framework) we report on the impact of the expenditures of Dutch municipalities and housing corporations on the 17 SDG’s of the United Nations.

Pillar III reports

Besides the annual report we yearly publish a report about the capital adequacy and risk management of BNG Bank.

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