BNG Bank appoints Marlies van Elst in Supervisory Board

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The General Meeting of Shareholders of BNG Bank appointed Ms Marlies van Elst as member of the Supervisory Board. They also approved the proposal to lay down the trade name BNG Bank in the articles of association.




Marlies van Elst (1966) will fill the vacancy due the resignation of Ms Petri Hofsté and provide the desired continuity within the Supervisory Board in the area of banking expertise. Marlies van Elst has knowledge and experience in the field of operations, IT and data processing, an area of knowledge that is gaining increasing importance for BNG Bank, too. Her international experience can contribute to viewing various issues under discussion in a broader perspective.

The General Meeting of Shareholders also approved the reappointments of Ms Jantine Kriens and Mr Kees Beuving, as well as the proposal to distribute 37.5% of the profit (2016: 25%) as a dividend for the 2017 financial year.

Relevant changes in law, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and a change in practice have prompted BNG Bank to update and modernise the articles of association, at the same time laying down the name 'BNG Bank N.V.' in the articles of association to replace 'N.V. Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten' as the name given in the articles of association.

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