Privacy Statement




Privacy Statement

This privacy statement describes how N.V. Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten ('BNG Bank') and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling B.V. (BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling) process personal data and how they treat such data confidentially and with due care.

personal data

Personal data are data that are directly or indirectly traceable to a natural person. Examples are: name, address or IP address.

BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling process the personal data of persons, (1) who are a representative or contact person of any client of BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling, (2) who are beneficiaries of or are involved with the provision of financial or other services and other, relevant banking or social banking activities and (3) who are users of the websites, or

Provision and collection of personal data

BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling exercise great care in handling personal data they have collected and ensure that the personal data provided are treated confidentially.

BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling collect personal data during visits to the aforementioned websites.

BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling may record telephone calls in order to verify instructions, arrangements and transactions or for purposes of fraud prevention and integrity monitoring. The recorded telephone calls are retained for the statutory retention period. Within this period, the call handler has the option to replay the recording in the event of disputes about the content of the recorded call.

Protection of personal data

The processing of personal data is subject to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) the Code of Conduct for the Processing of Personal Data by Financial Institutions (Gedragscode Verwerking Persoonsgegevens Financiële Instellingen) of the Dutch Banking Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken) and the Dutch Association of Insurers (Verbond van Verzekeraars), the Financial Institutions Incident Warning System Protocol (Protocol Incidentenwaarschuwingssysteem Financiële Instellingen) and the Telecommunications Act (Telecommunicatiewet).

BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling will only use personal data obtained for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement and will carefully protect the data during processing.

BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling will not disclose personal data to other parties without the express consent of the data subject. They will only act differently where such disclosure is compulsory by law, arises from an obligation towards the data subject or is necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the business operations of BNG Bank or BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling or the financial system in general. BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling do not sell personal data to third parties. The personal data collected are available to BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling.

Purposes of data processing

Insofar as BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling collect and process data of clients of BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling, of the users of the aforementioned websites and about the use of the services offered on the websites, these data will also be used for the following purposes: a) entering into or implementing contractual arrangements with the data subject or the company which he or she represents, b) compiling internal reports and web statistics, c) improving the technical and functional operation of the aforementioned websites, d) complying with legal requirements and obligations for banking security and integrity, e) collecting, developing and publishing information relevant to clients of BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling, f) maintaining contacts with clients and g) disseminating information about BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling and the services they provide, as well as information about their products and services that may be of interest to a client.

viewing and changing personal data

Anyone whose personal data have been processed by BNG Bank or BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling has the option to view these data and to have them adjusted in the event of inaccuracies. To this end, data subjects can contact the Customer Services and Support ('CSS') department at the email address

Amendment of this Privacy Statement

BNG Bank and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling may amend this Privacy Statement. The most recent amendment is effective from 25 November 2016.

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