Borssele III/IV wind farm

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In late 2019, construction will begin on the Borssele III/IV Wind Farm off the coast of Borssele on the North Sea. Borssele III/IV will have a capacity of 731.5 MW, which is enough to supply 825,000 households with sustainable power.





The Blauwwind Consortium – which unites Shell, Eneco, Van Oord, Partners Group and Mitsubishi in mutual cooperation – will cap off 2019 by building and taking into use 77 new wind turbines from turbine manufacturer MHI Vestas. The production of sustainable electricity is expected to commence in early 2021.

Shell and Eneco have agreed to purchase 100% of the electricity generated by the 77 turbines for a period of 15 years.

Borssele Wind Farm

Borssele Wind Farm is a collection of offshore wind farms for which tenders have been conducted since 2016. The Borssele Wind Farm Zone is located near the Dutch-Belgian border, 22 kilometres off the coast of Zeeland. Five concessions for Borssele Sites I through V have been granted in this wind Farm Zone.

MHI Vestas wind turbine at sea
MHI Vestas wind turbine

Energy Agreement

Borssele Wind Farm has a significant part to play in achieving the goals set out in the Energy Agreement. One of these goals is that 16% of energy must be sustainably generated by 2023. Meeting this target will require all kinds of different renewable energy sources. Offshore wind energy is a crucial element in this respect. It has been agreed that offshore wind energy must supply4,450 MW of electricity in total by 2023. This figure will be enough to power more than 5 million households. To achieve that aim, however, we will need over 3,450 MW in additional capacity on top of the 957 MW already built.

For a sustainable world

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