DBFMO agreement for the national military museum

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In 2012, BNG Bank, NIBC and NMM Company BV signed a 27-year financing agreement for around 82 million euros to Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate the Natural Military Museum.



The National Military Museum was created when the Delft Army Museum merged with the Soesterberg Air Force Museum. Through the new museum the Ministry of Defence aims to communicate the significance of the past, present and future of the armed forces to the public at large. 

The National Military Museum is situated on around 45 hectares of land on the northern side of the former Soesterberg airbase. Its spacious grounds will be used for events and exhibitions. The Natural Military Museum is part of the reorganisation of the Ministry of Defence's museum network. 


The contractor is a Special Purpose Company (SPC) – NMM Company BV – set up and fully owned by Heijmans. The work will be performed by Heijmans Utiliteitsbouw, Heijmans Wegen, Burgers Ergon, Vermaat Leisure and AAFM Facility Management. 

On completion of the museum, NMM Company BV will receive an availability payment for a 25-year period, out of which the operating and financing costs (interest and repayments) will be paid. 


DBFMO stands for Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate. It is a form of Public-Private Partnership (PPP), a wide-ranging form of integrated tendering. In addition to the development costs, the DBFMO contract also sets out the total costs throughout the entire life cycle of the property involved. It combines the design, construction, management and maintenance of a project. The contractor also finances the design and construction. The client – the user of the property – pays the contractor a periodic performance-based fee during the operational phase. In this project, DBFMO covers the construction, museum fitout and partial operation of the museum and grounds. 


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