Residential care at Drieën-Huysen Park

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Zonnehuisgroep Vlaardingen is getting a new building, right next to its current location. The new, modern nursing home forms the core of Phase One of the redevelopment, together with two residential tower blocks and various facilities. The additional facilities will create pleasant meeting places for residents.



It is a unique opportunity for elderly people to live independently with care close at hand, and to do so in a beautiful, central location in Vlaardingen. The project will be constructed in three phases over the next few years. BNG Bank provided 19 million euros of financing out of a total investment of 29.9 million euros.

First phase

Drieën-Huysen Park is a joint development project by Woningstichting Samenwerking, Zonnehuisgroep Vlaardingen and property developer Boele & van Eesteren. Phase One comprises three buildings: a nursing home with 81 care units and two residential buildings, each with 40 flats to be leased as social housing by people requiring a low level of home care. The three residential buildings will be connected on the ground floor by a covered atrium. The atrium will also house facilities such as a restaurant, barber, chiropodist and fitness room for residents' use. The atrium is designed to ensure that residents do not have to travel far from their flats, and will also be a convivial meeting place.

Second phase

The second phase (Holy Residence) consists of two buildings with 22 flats each.

Third phase

The municipality of Vlaardingen has drawn up an urban development plan with requirements which the overall plan for Drieën-Huysen Park must meet.


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