Sustainable heating for 25,000 households in Purmerend

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In 2013, Stadsverwarming Purmerend BV built a bio heating plant. This plant supplies its 25,000 customers with 80% of their sustainable heating. The total investment in the project, including both the plant and the auxiliary heating boilers, amounted to 46.6 million euros and was financed 50/50 by BNG Bank and Triodos.




New heating plant enables reduction in CO2 emissions of 50,000 tonnes

In mid-2014, Stadsverwarming Purmerend started producing its own heating using the new bio heating plant (44 megawatts) and multiple auxiliary heating boilers. By using 100,000 tonnes of biomass, SVP is saving more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, equivalent to the annual emissions from 16,000 cars. The biomass is supplied by Staatsbosbeheer, which generates wood chips in its nature reserves. Wood is a sustainable, renewable resource. The wood is incinerated to ensure the CO2 doesn’t enter the atmosphere - which would be the result of burning natural gas, oil or coal.

Together with Staatsbosbeheer, Stadsverwarming Purmerend is investigating how the remaining 20% of the heating needs of its 25,000 customers can be generated in a sustainable manner.

The nw heating plant

For a sustainable world

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