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Off the coast of Urk lies Westermeerwind Wind Farm, part of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm. Westermeerwind Wind Farm boasts 48 nearshore turbines and supplies green power to over 160,000 households.




Westermeerwind Wind Farm has a capacity of 144 megawatt (MW). This capacity yields a quantity of sustainable, renewable power equivalent to the energy consumption of 160,000 households. As a result, the wind farm is effectively reducing CO2 emissions by around 180,000 to 230,000 tons per year, thereby contributing to creating an independent energy supply for the Netherlands and Europe.

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The 48 wind turbines are located in the IJsselmeer at a distance of 700 to 1200 metres from the Noordermeer and Westermeer dykes in the Noordoostpolder. These turbines make up the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm together with NOP Agrowind (26 turbines) and RWE's Zuidwester (12 turbines).

Noordoostpolder Wind Farm is one of the largest wind farms in the Netherlands. With its 86 turbines, the farm can generate approximately 1.4 billion kWh of clean, renewable electricity. This production is enough to supply over 400,000 households annually with power, making Noordoostpolder Wind Farm a European leader.

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