Duurzaam Energiebedrijf Roosendaal develops heating grid

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Duurzaam Energiebedrijf Roosendaal (DER) is making sustainable energy available to the Roosendaal community thanks to a unique low-temperature heating grid it has developed and built in-house: the Smart Climate Grid.




This Smart Climate Grid generates heat in a sustainable way, using residual heat from the Suez waste incineration plant. Suez' residual heat is transferred to homes and commercial and non-commercial buildings through the heating grid. The use of residual heat allows CO2 emissions to be reduced considerably and participants in the scheme to realise significant energy savings.

In 2016, BNG Bank supplied DER with a loan to enable the expansion of the existing heat grid to supply heating to a former office building that is currently being converted into an apartment complex.

The Smart Climate Grid is DER's and the municipality of Roosendaal's specific contribution towards an energy-neutral region.

Extending the heat grid to the former office building Extending the heat grid to the former office building

For a sustainable world

Sustainability that benefits people, the market and the environment is an important element of BNG Bank's mission and is given shape and substance on both sides of the balance sheet. Our sustainable initiatives arise from our ongoing efforts to strike a sustainable balance between the interests of clients, shareholders and employees.

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