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On 25 May 2018, Stichting Catharina (part of the DrieGasthuizenGroep) opened its new Hoogstede residential care home in Arnhem. This new residential care home replaces the old Huis en Haard residential care home. Hoogstede consists of two parts: four group residences for people with dementia and 18 residential care studios for people who have received a care needs assessment.




Focus on sustainability

Hoogstede is one of the most sustainable residential care homes in the Netherlands in terms of both technology and quality of experience. Sustainable and natural building materials were used in its construction. As an example, the entire building is illuminated by LED lighting and the kitchens have been built out of natural fibres, such as corn and reeds. In addition, the building uses no gas and its roof is covered with around 1,200 m2 of solar panels.

The new Hoogstede building

Hoogstede is environmentally friendly, almost completely energy neutral and boasts a comfortable environment. Its inhabitants describe the building as beneficial and stimulating due to its abundance of natural light and green spaces. This makes the new residential care home a great example of sustainable living in combination with the provision of care.


The livingroom

At Hoogstede residential care home, sustainability is not limited to the building's construction and the technology used – the way clients and staff experience the building is of equal importance. The building's cosy and homely nature has proven beneficial to the mental and physical well-being of its inhabitants and offers a pleasant and comfortable working environment for staff.

For a sustainable world

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