HuurDeZon and Eigen Haard team up to install solar panels on a 1000 roofs

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In late 2017, HuurDeZon, a developer of solar energy projects for social housing, installed over 7,500 solar panels on the roofs of rented homes owned by housing association Eigen Haard. The solar panels are capable of generating a total of almost 2 MWp.




In 2014, HuurDeZon reached agreement with BNG Bank and the municipality of Amsterdam to finance solar panels on the rooftops of a thousand rented homes owned by housing association Eigen Haard. The project includes the design, installation, management and maintenance as well as the funding of the solar panels.

Account manager Pieter Oppermann amidst HuurDeZon solar panels on rented homes belonging to housing association Eigen Haard


The project uses the Energy Service Company (ESCO) operation model, which takes the work of both fitting and funding the solar panels out of the housing association's hands. Tenants pay a contribution towards the use of the solar panels that is lower than their current electricity bill.

For a sustainable world

Sustainability that benefits people, the market and the environment is an important element of BNG Bank's mission and is given shape and substance on both sides of the balance sheet. Our sustainable initiatives arise from our ongoing efforts to strike a sustainable balance between the interests of clients, shareholders and employees.

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