Solar power plant on the roof of Plantion

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In 2016 the roof of the Plantion flower auction building is covered with 18,500 solar panels with a total generating power of 2.4 MWp. This is the equivalent to the power consumption of around 835 households. The solar power plant is one of the largest in the Netherlands and will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 1,250 tonnes per year.




‚ÄčThe installation generates around 37.5% of Plantion's electricity needs, while at the same time making it more sustainable. The power will not only be used for the auction's own building, but will also be sent back to the grid. 

To make life easier for Plantion, the purchase, funding and operation of the panels have been taken care of by Rooftop Energy, in close collaboration with solar panel supplier Hanergy and installer Sunprojects.

To fund the project, Rooftop Energy used a senior loan facility provided by BNG Bank. All remaining funding needs were covered by a subordinated loan provided by PPM Oost (now Oost NL) through the Innovatie- en Energiefonds Gelderland.

Plantion's rooftop with solar panels

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