A selection of our sustainable financing projects

The projects are highlighted on the map of the Netherlands below. For more information about specific projects, please click on the pins.






Westermeerwind wind farmhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Westermeerwind-wind-farm.aspxWestermeerwind wind farmWind Farm Westermeerwind boasts 48 nearshore turbines and supplies green power to over 160,000 households.23/09/2018 22:00:00365.000000000000277.000000000000
Smart living in Leeuwardenhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Smart-living-in-leeuwarden.aspxSmart living in LeeuwardenLeeuwarden focuses on organising green work, insulating homes and installing solar panels.04/07/2017 22:00:00400.000000000000160.000000000000
Adegeest residential care centrehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Adegeest-residential-care-centre.aspxAdegeest residential care centreBNG Bank provided 13.3 million euros of financing to the Florence healthcare institution, the owner of Adegeest.27/04/2017 22:00:00200.000000000000440.000000000000
Growing old in comfort in De Leyhoevehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Growing-old-in-comfort-in-de-leyhoeve.aspxGrowing old in comfort in De LeyhoeveDe Leyhoeve residential care complex offers 200 flats and 85 care suites.27/10/2016 22:00:00320.000000000000575.000000000000
Duurzaam Energiebedrijf Roosendaal develops heating gridhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/duurzaam-energiebedrijf-roosendaal-develops-heating-grid.aspxDuurzaam Energiebedrijf Roosendaal develops heating gridDuurzaam Energiebedrijf Roosendaal (DER) is making sustainable energy available to the Roosendaal community thanks to a unique low-temperature heating grid it has developed and built in-house: the Smart Climate Grid.08/07/2018 22:00:00195.000000000000590.000000000000
OneSolarhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/OneSolar.aspxOneSolarOneSolar installs and operates solar energy systems on the roofs of businesses and institutions such as SMEs, schools and a university.23/09/2018 22:00:00550.000000000000105.000000000000
Hart van Zuid, Rotterdamhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Hart-van-zuid-rotterdam.aspxHart van Zuid, RotterdamHart van Zuid is a great example of integrated urban development with an innovative contract, where close collaboration with the municipality and local residents has resulted in the creation of a vibrant city centre for South Rotterdam.10/07/2018 22:00:00155.000000000000530.000000000000
Borssele III/IV wind farmhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Borssele-wind-farm.aspxBorssele III/IV wind farmWind park Borssele III/IV will have a capacity of 731.5 MW, which is enough to supply 825,000 households with sustainable power.23/09/2018 22:00:005.00000000000000540.000000000000
RWS partner in wonen generates heat from icehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/rws-partner-in-wonen-generates-heat-from-ice.aspxRWS partner in wonen generates heat from iceThe Zeeland housing association RWS partner in wonen is using ice to heat 21 homes in Goes. This project, dubbed ‘Het IJs van Columbus’, consists of a system that is able to heat homes and tap water without using fossil fuels. 05/03/2018 23:00:0085.0000000000000575.000000000000
Spacious country living in Westergouwehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Spacious-country-living-in-Westergouwe.aspxSpacious country living in WestergouweThe new sustainable neighbourhood Westergouwe was launched in 2013 and is expected to be completed around 2035.23/09/2018 22:00:00210.000000000000500.000000000000
Solar panels in Parkstad municipalitieshttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/solar-panels-in-parkstad-municipalities.aspxSolar panels in Parkstad municipalitiesThe eight municipalities in the Parkstad region have joined forces to enable a move from fossil energy to sustainable energy.15/02/2018 23:00:00460.000000000000760.000000000000
Little Manhatten campus, Amsterdamhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Little-manhattan-campus-amsterdam.aspxLittle Manhatten campus, AmsterdamStudent accommodation provider DUWO and International Campus (IC) have built a large student complex close to Lelylaan Station in Amsterdam.04/10/2017 22:00:00270.000000000000350.000000000000
Combined heat and power plant in Duivenhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/combined-heat-and-power-plant-in-Duiven.aspxCombined heat and power plant in DuivenSparkling Biomass starts constructing a combined heat and power plant in Duiven. This plant will cogenerate electricity and heat using wood residues.21/10/2018 22:00:00420.000000000000480.000000000000
New sustainable building for HagaZiekenhuishttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/New-sustainable-building-for-hagaziekenhuis.aspxNew sustainable building for HagaZiekenhuisBNG Bank partly financed HagaZiekenhuis' new sustainable building that opened in 2015.02/07/2017 22:00:00145.000000000000460.000000000000
Zaans Medical Centre paramounts patient care processhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Patient-care-process-paramount-and-affordability-guaranteed.aspxZaans Medical Centre paramounts patient care processZaans Medical Centre’s brand-new building was constructed between January 2014 and August 2016. The building has a floor area of approximately 40,000 m2 and was built over the old car park. Once the new building was opened, the old hospital was torn down.31/08/2016 22:00:00255.000000000000330.000000000000
Sustainable municipal office for Venlohttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/sustainable-municipal-office-for-venlo.aspxSustainable municipal office for VenloThe new municipal office in Venlo is built using the cradle-to-cradle principle: the reuse of 100% recyclable products or waste as raw materials.08/07/2018 22:00:00495.000000000000600.000000000000
A safe haven for people with dementiahttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/A-safe-haven-for-people-with-dementia.aspxA safe haven for people with dementiaRietveld in Alphen aan den Rijn is a unique residential service centre for people with dementia. BNG Bank provided EUR 14 million to help finance this initiative.05/07/2015 22:00:00240.000000000000440.000000000000
Sustainable home for RIVM and CBGhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/sustainable-home-for-RIVM-and-CBG.aspxSustainable home for RIVM and CBGBNG Bank is one of three financial backers of the new sustainable and energy-efficient home of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG) at the Utrecht Science Park.01/09/2016 22:00:00300.000000000000440.000000000000
A new home for ROC Noordenpoort in Groningenhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/A-new-home-for-roc-noorderpoort-in-groningen.aspxA new home for ROC Noordenpoort in GroningenOver the past few years Noorderpoort, a Regional Training Centre, has renovated and built several school buildings in and around Groningen.09/08/2017 22:00:00565.000000000000115.000000000000
Montaigne Lyceum in The Hague built by public-private partnershiphttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Montaigne-lyceum-in-the-hague-built-by-a-public-private-partnership.aspxMontaigne Lyceum in The Hague built by public-private partnershipMontaigne Lyceum's new building won the PPF Award 2006 in the 'Best European Project to Reach Financial Close' category.03/07/2017 22:00:00160.000000000000455.000000000000
Upgrade to Twence biomass power planthttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/upgrade-to-twence-biomass-power-plant.aspxUpgrade to Twence biomass power plantTwence has converted its biomass power plant to not only supply energy, but also steam and heat. 29/07/2018 22:00:00580.000000000000380.000000000000
Solar power plant on the roof of Plantionhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/solar-power-plant-on-the-roof-of-plantion.aspxSolar power plant on the roof of PlantionThe roof of the Plantion flower auction building is covered with 18,500 solar panels, generating power for 835 households.10/07/2018 22:00:00400.000000000000440.000000000000
BNG Bank financing one of the world's biggest wind farmshttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/BNG-bank-financing-one-of-the-worlds-biggest-wind-farms.aspxBNG Bank financing one of the world's biggest wind farmsGemini is among the biggest wind farms in the world. BNG Bank is one of twelve commercial lenders. 22/04/2017 22:00:00450.00000000000020.0000000000000
Building Bredahttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Building-Breda.aspxBuilding BredaFinancing from BNG Bank has allowed Building Breda to roll out a ten-year programme of eight buildings and solar power plants.27/12/2016 23:00:00240.000000000000560.000000000000
Boer Kiest Zonhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/boer-kiest-zon.aspxBoer Kiest ZonBoer Kiest Zon develops solar energy projects for the agricultural sector.10/07/2018 22:00:00400.000000000000570.000000000000
Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncologyhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/princess-maxima-center-for-pediatric-oncology.aspxPrincess Máxima Center for pediatric oncologyOn 1 October 2014, the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology and a banking consortium consisting of Rabobank and BNG Bank signed an agreement to fund this national centre for children with cancer.01/10/2014 22:00:00310.000000000000460.000000000000
New buildings for Ons Middelbaar Onderwijshttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/New-buildings-for-ons-middelbaar-onderwijs.aspxNew buildings for Ons Middelbaar OnderwijsBNG Bank has provided around € 45 million in financing to the Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs association (OMO) for a range of property investments.27/06/2017 22:00:00300.000000000000580.000000000000
Swetterhage residential and activity centrehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Swetterhage-residential-and-activity-centre.aspxSwetterhage residential and activity centreSwetterhage in Zoeterwoude-Dorp is a residential and community complex where more than 300 people with intellectual disabilities live, work and spend leisure time.05/01/2017 23:00:00220.000000000000430.000000000000
Residential care at Drieën-Huysen Parkhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Residential-care-at-the-drieen-huysen-park.aspxResidential care at Drieën-Huysen ParkBNG Bank partially finances the modern nursing home at Drieën-Huysen Park.31/05/2018 22:00:00135.000000000000515.000000000000
A new home for Deltion College in Zwollehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/A-new-home-for-deltion-college-in-zwolle.aspxA new home for Deltion College in ZwolleDeltion College ROC prepares students for a thriving labour market and in doing so contributes to a healthy regional economy. 21/04/2016 22:00:00435.000000000000300.000000000000
Green energy for Nijmegenhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Green-energy-for-nijmegen.aspxGreen energy for NijmegenEnergy producer ARN uses waste as its raw material, it supplies large quantities of green energy to the Nijmegen heating grid each year.29/05/2013 22:00:00440.000000000000500.000000000000
Sustainable sport facility in Hilvarenbeekhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Sustainable-sport-facility-in-Hilvarenbeek.aspxSustainable sport facility in HilvarenbeekIn June 2018 a new sustainable sport facility in the municipality of Hilvarenbeek, which boasts both a swimming pool and a sports hall, was completed.23/09/2018 22:00:00310.000000000000610.000000000000
DBFMO agreement for the national military museumhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Dbfmo-agreement-for-the-national-military-museum.aspxDBFMO agreement for the national military museumBNG Bank, NIBC and NMM Company BV signed a 27-year financing agreement to design, build, finance, maintain and operate the Natural Military Museum.13/06/2016 22:00:00320.000000000000400.000000000000
HuurDeZon and Eigen Haard team up to install solar panels on a 1000 roofshttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/huurdezon-and-eigen-haard-team-up-to-install-solar-panels-on-a-thousand-roofs.aspxHuurDeZon and Eigen Haard team up to install solar panels on a 1000 roofsIn late 2017, HuurDeZon, a developer of solar energy projects for social housing, installed over 7,500 solar panels on the roofs of rented homes owned by housing association Eigen Haard. 28/12/2017 23:00:00295.000000000000355.000000000000
Solar panels on 15,000 Frisian homeshttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Solar-panels-on-15000-frisian-homes.aspxSolar panels on 15,000 Frisian homesWoonFriesland is aiming to install solar panels on 15,000 homes. BNG Bank is helping out with financing for the project.17/09/2017 22:00:00385.000000000000165.000000000000
Hospital in a green setting in Zwollehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Hospital-in-a-green-setting-in-zwolle.aspxHospital in a green setting in ZwolleIsala is a sustainable hospital in. The hospital is surrounded by a green landscape and is partly financed by BNG Bank. 02/11/2014 23:00:00455.000000000000305.000000000000
Westland town hallhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Westland-town-hall.aspxWestland town hallA PCM buffer combined with 800 solar panels is the key innovation used by the municipality of Westland to equip its sustainable town hall for a CO2-neutral and energy-efficient future. 09/07/2017 22:00:00120.000000000000500.000000000000
Five schools united at Ezinge Edutional Parkhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Five-schools-united-at-ezinge-educational-park.aspxFive schools united at Ezinge Edutional ParkEzinge Educational Park in Meppel unite five schools in one building.17/09/2017 22:00:00500.000000000000260.000000000000
Texel makes public lightning more sustainablehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Texel-makes-public-lighting-more-sustainable.aspxTexel makes public lightning more sustainableThe municipality of Texel is heading towards becoming energy self-sufficient by 2020.19/07/2016 22:00:00250.000000000000160.000000000000
Windkracht 6 wind farm in Zeelandhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/windkracht-6-wind-farm-in-zeeland.aspxWindkracht 6 wind farm in ZeelandBNG Bank and the Dutch National Fund for Rural Areas funded Windkracht 6 wind farm in Nieuw- en Sint Joosland.09/07/2018 22:00:0060.0000000000000570.000000000000
Sustainable heating for 25,000 households in Purmerendhttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/Sustainable-heating-for-25000-households-in-purmerend.aspxSustainable heating for 25,000 households in PurmerendBNG invests in Stadsverwarming Purmerend BV, who built a bio heating plant. This plant supplies its 25,000 customers with 80% of their sustainable heating.19/12/2016 23:00:00280.000000000000320.000000000000
Hoogstede residential care homehttps://www.bngbank.com/Pages/Projects/hoogstede-residential-care-home.aspxHoogstede residential care homeOn 25 May 2018, Stichting Catharina (part of the DrieGasthuizenGroep) opened its new Hoogstede residential care home in Arnhem. 10/06/2018 22:00:00440.000000000000440.000000000000

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