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A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our websites. Functional cookies are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the websites. We also make use of cookies to record information about your website visit and to be able to structure our websites in a convenient manner. When you return to our websites, cookies will recognise your previous visit and your set preferences.

Use of analytical cookies

We place cookies from the Danish company Siteimprove BV to analyse website visits. We have concluded a processing agreement with this company, in which it is laid down that this party processes data in accordance with the legal requirements. We use this data to acquire insight into how visitors use our websites. IP addresses are stored in anonymised format, which means they cannot be traced back to an individual in any way.

Social cookies

We also place a number of social cookies, which enable you to share, like or respond to our messages and articles. We occasionally make use of embeds, which enables us to show third-party content, such as a YouTube or Vimeo video. We are not responsible for the use of cookies placed by social media parties and the possible data collected by them, and we refer to the statements of those parties in this respect on their own websites.

List of cookies

Below is a list of the cookies used by our website.

Name of cookieTypeDescription
SearchSessionNecessaryThis cookie is placed for internal use by the SharePoint search function.
CENTRIC_LBNecessaryThis cookie is placed for internal web server use.
CENTRIC_RANecessaryThis cookie is placed for internal web server use.
WOPISessionContextNecessaryThis cookie is placed by SharePoint for internal web application use.
WSS_FullScreenModeNecessaryThis cookie is placed by SharePoint to record whether or not a page is displayed in full-screen mode.
NmstatAnalyticsThis cookie is placed by Siteimprove to be able to measure website usage information that we can use to further optimise the website.
SiteimprovesesAnalyticsThis cookie is placed by the web analysis package SiteImprove. It is used to record the order in which pages are viewed.
mp_1_pageviews, mp_1_blockedFunctionalUsed by Mailplus subscribe pop-up. These cookies give the option to show or hide this pop-up.
FunctionalOffers users the option to respond to articles via LiveFyre and social logins (LinkedIn).
__cfduidthird partyCookie placed by sites using CloudFlare, which allows content to be loaded faster. (Likebtn)
__atuvs, __atuvc,

di2, loc, ouid, uid, uvc, vc
third partyAddThis uses cookies to record the websites using AddThis that have been visited by an individual. AddThis can also be used to show LinkedIn and Twitter share buttons. The use of these functionalities runs via AddThis.
PREF,  VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, APISID, NID, SID, HSID, SSID, APISID, SAPISIDthird partyEmbedded video cookies placed by YouTube and/or Google. They collect visitor information and adjusted preference settings.


Disabling cookies

You can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings.

BNG Bank uses cookies for analytics and proper functioning of this website. Please confirm your cookie settings. Read more about our cookies and privacy statement.

BNG Bank places cookies for analytics and proper functioning of this website. Third-party cookies may also be placed. Therefore, we need your approval.