BNG Bank presents Climate Plan, ‘Going Green’

8 February 2023

How will BNG Bank bring the CO₂ emissions of its own organisation and the emissions associated with its loan portfolio in line with the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement? BNG Bank answers this question in its recently published Climate Plan, ‘Going Green’, which is now available in English.

BNG Bank wants to make a meaningful contribution to keep our planet as liveable as possible for our own and future generations. After all, BNG Bank is a bank of and for the public sector, and working towards a future-proof society is in our DNA. Our climate plan sets out how we aim to reduce CO₂ emissions by joining forces with the four largest sectors in which we operate: housing corporations, municipalities, healthcare and education. This makes our climate plan a benchmark in our relationship with our customers in the efforts to overcome this major societal challenge.

Never before has a collective task required such strong mutual commitment. Only by working intensively together will we be able to successfully complete this journey towards a society without net CO₂ emissions.

Click here to read our Climate Plan ‘Going Green’ (pdf, 14.6 MB). And click here to read how sustainability is embedded in our Road to Impact strategy.

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climate plan coverClimate Plan (pdf, 14.6 MB)

Further information on determining decarbonisation pathways (pdf, 347 kB)

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