ISS-oekom raises BNG Bank’s sustainability rating

12 September 2019

ISS-oekom, one of the world's leading rating agencies on sustainable investments, raised BNG Bank’s rating with one notch to C+ Prime. BNG Bank therefore ranks among the sustainability leaders in the industry, says ISS-oekom.

​According to ISS-oekom, BNG Bank's strengths are the bank's lending to companies and projects with high social benefits in a country – the Netherlands – with good environmental and social minimum standards. BNG Bank is also praised for its green loan programmes for public sector and commercial customers and the social policy towards employees. BNG Bank's weakness is, according to ISS-oekom, the lack of strict and comprehensive environmental and social guidelines for the credit rating process and for the company's own investment portfolio.

"We are delighted that our sustainability rating improved. At the same time, we strive for a bigger impact and an even better rating. Almost all our customers are delivering a positive contribution in the field of sustainability on behalf of their nature. Our challenge is to demonstrate this even better. Reporting on the climate impact of our financing and formulating action plans that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions is a strategic spearhead', says Ms Gita Salden, CEO of BNG Bank.

The ISS-oekom Universe comprises more than 3,900 companies. ISS-oekom ratings vary from D- to A+. At his moment, not one financial institution has been granted an A-rating by ISS-oekom.

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