Satisfying results European stress test

30 July 2016

The EU-wide conducted stress test coordinated by the European Banking Authority has led to satisfying results for BNG Bank. Under the baseline scenario the CET-1 ratio increases to 28.1% as at year-end 2018. Projections in the adverse scenario result for the bank in a CET-1 ratio of 17.6% as of that date.

The 2016-stress test is not easily comparable with the exercise conducted in 2014. Apart from the application of more conservative scenarios in this exercise also more risk factors were included. Contrary to 2014 no single capital thresholds have been defined. The results will be input for the yearly process of reviewing and evaluating the capital position of banks by the ECB (SREP). 

The European competent authorities state that the stress test exercise is not to be considered as a prediction of expected outcomes. The scenarios applied consist of hypothetical changes. Although the impact of these scenarios could be large, the chance that the scenarios occur is small. 

The results of the stress test exercise confirm the strong financial position of BNG Bank. The influential magazine Global Finance counts BNG Bank among the five most safe banks in the world. 

You will find the stress test results at the website of the European Banking Authority.

BNG Bank – for a sustainable public sector

BNG Bank is a specialised financial institution for the public sector, which mission is to help minimise the latter's financing costs. BNG-issued debt securities are rated Aaa by Moody's, AAA by Standard & Poor's and AA+ by Fitch. BNG Bank therefore belongs to the most creditworthy banks in the world.

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