Staedion builds new building project De Schaloen for a diverse and vibrant neighbourhood

11 January 2024

In the Moerwijk area of The Hague, construction is underway for a new building project named De Schaloen. Staedion, with financing from BNG Bank, is building 570 homes, consisting of 222 social rental homes and 348 free-sector rental homes.

The mix of different rental types will attract a diverse group of residents with both middle and lower incomes, fostering increased diversity in the neighbourhood to benefit both new and existing residents.

With around 44,000 rental units (including homes, commercial spaces and parking spaces), Staedion is the largest housing corporation in The Hague and the surrounding area. 'It is our ambition to do our part in addressing and alleviating the housing market shortage', says Adamo Ritmeester, Director of Finance, Operations and ICT at Staedion. The Schaloen project contributes not only to Staedion's goals, it also aligns with the municipality's objectives for the Southwest district. The municipality aims to enhance the liveability of the neighbourhood, which is why Staedion is constructing sustainable and affordable homes for various target groups. 

In an interview, Adamo Ritmeester and Gijsbert van Herk of Staedion talk more about the partnership with BNG Bank and why it is so important that projects like this are realised. Click here for the interview.

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