Five schools united at Ezinge Educational Park

18 September 2017 - Quality education (SDG 4)

Ezinge Educational Park is built in Meppel, close to the Ezinge residential district and tucked in between the railway tracks and the sports fields. The complex, created in 2014 by Woonconcept Onroerend Goed, is home to Stad & Esch comprehensive school, Drenthe College and de Ambelt. The schools occupy the same spacious, bronze-coloured building, and also use the sports facilities built at the site.


Courtyard of Ezinge Educational Park

The entrances to the bigger schools and the auditorium feature glass panels sandwiched between bronze strips. The use of contrasting materials and the transparency of the glass make the entrances feel welcoming. The parts of the building housing the special education schools have entrances facing the park. The park separates the teaching building from the sports complex, which stands beside the sports fields and the green Reestdal area. The theme of 'layers' is continued in the raised sports complex, which was built above the sustainability facility, bicycle storage facilities and part of the car park.

Although the schools (which each have their own teaching programmes) operate independently, with their own theory classrooms and learning environments, they are interconnected through shared, strategically-placed classrooms for practical teaching. The technology classrooms are situated along Dahliastraat, so the students can show what they are working on. The classrooms focusing on consumer products were built along a terrace in the park. Standing at the edge of the complex, the taller buildings catch the eye – the hall for theatre and dance and the art and music spaces.

A building where facilities are shared by multiple schools needs a clear and cohesive plan. A central waterfall staircase with open space on either side and striking walkways form a real 'architectural route' through the building.

Outside of Ezinge Educational Park Inside of Ezinge Educational Park Photos: Christian van der Kooy

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EUR 50 million


Architect: Atelier PRO
Developer: Woonconcept
Financier: BNG Bank

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Quality education (SDG 4)

Quality education (SDG 4)

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