BNG Bank appoints three new Supervisory Board members

22 April 2021

In accordance with the Supervisory Board’s nomination, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of BNG Bank appointed Karin Bergstein, Leonard Geluk and Femke de Vries as members of the Supervisory Board. The nomination of the new members of the Supervisory Board had already been approved by the regulator.

At the end of the AGM, Marjanne Sint stepped down as chair of the Supervisory Board and Jantine Kriens as member. Huub Arendse, member of the Supervisory Board since April 2019, is the new chair of the Supervisory Board.

With the appointment of the three new members, the Supervisory Board temporarily has eight members. After the departure of Kees Beuving, who will step down in 2022, this will once again be brought back to seven members.

Driven by social impact

 During the meeting, Gita Salden, Chief Executive Officer of BNG Bank, explained that BNG Bank had sharpened its strategy. Based on its purpose of being ‘driven by social impact’, the bank chose to focus exclusively on the public domain. In doing so, it is concentrating on four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on which the bank can maximise its impact by helping its clients. These SDGs are:

  • Good health and well-being (SDG 3)
  • Quality education (SDG 4)
  • Affordable and clean energy (SDG 7)
  • Sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11)

Financial statements adopted, dividend proposal approved

At the AGM, BNG Bank’s financial statements for 2020 were adopted. The long-term credit portfolio grew to EUR 86 billion. The net profit for 2020 amounted to EUR 221 million. The AGM approved the dividend proposal. In accordance with the capitalisation and dividend policy, BNG Bank proposed paying out EUR 101 million to shareholders. This is 50% of the net profit available for them.

As previously stated, the European Central Bank (ECB) has recommended that banks refrain from or limit dividends until 30 September 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Payment of the approved dividend will therefore not take place prior to 30 September and is subject to possible future ECB recommendations.


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